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The novel Al-Qadira, Chapter Twenty-One and Twenty-Two, written by Mervat Al-Sayyed, is exclusive and new on the Glowing Star blog for novels and information

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Sarah continued reading the will:

Next, I will ask you something that I know is difficult for you

My sisters, they will never leave you alone

When I was living, no one dared to honk his horn, but now you need a security bond. You are a dead man. Oh, but in this matter, if you agree to my request, you will earn 25 million dollars from him, and Hamed will understand this if you agree.

I am asking you to marry Slim

I made a deal before the incident, and Hamed knew all its details, and its profit was 75 million, to be divided between you, Salim, and Hamed equally after my death.

And I will tell you Amara so that you will believe that this is me, the jealous Nasr, who loves you madly, who is asking you this, but I want to check on you and continue your life with Selim among the children.

The emirate is the beauty in your back that I used to love. I remember I likened it to what the day I saw it and we kept laughing.

Written by Mervat Al-Sayed

Trust that I am doing this for the benefit of you, Salim, and the children, and trust Hamid, he is too kind to be treacherous.

The password to the money safe is for you and Salim, but only you will be able to access it if you agree and after writing the book.

If one of you is rejected, his share will go to the other

I love you, Sarah

She finished the answer while crying

Oh, Nasr, you didn’t make me live or die

She lay on the bed, thinking and thinking

With Salim, the situation was not much different

He opened the letter while sad about parting with Nasr

My son is healthy and knows how precious you are to me

I know that I held you responsible when I chose you as the guardian of my children

But I only have confidence in you and your mind, and because you are educated and familiar with the world, you have something that I do not have. You have modern technology that I am zero in on, and it will help you raise and take care of your children.

Take care of Sarah, I wronged her, but she understood why if she read my answer

Salim and the life of the covenant between us, which no one knows except us, when we pledged that we would be a support and a secret to each other for the longevity of life, you fulfill my request that I will ask of you.

In exchange for its implementation, you, Sarah and Hamed will earn $25 million

The gain of a deal I entered into a while ago, the details of which were with Hamed, and the money is in a safe for you and Sarah. If you agree to my request, you will be able to access the password, and of course this is all in complete secrecy from your sisters.

My request, Salim, is that you protect Sarah from our sisters by remaining her support and back. May I marry her, Salim?

If you and she agree, you will receive the money and live together and raise the children

Keep in mind, your sisters are greedy and will try in all legal and illegal ways to seize Sarah’s money and the rights of her children.

Don’t trust them, your trust is in Sarah and Hamed

If you refuse, I don’t blame you, but I will be comfortable if that happens

If one of you is rejected, his share will go to the other

Your father, your brother, and your friend Nasr

Salim was teary-eyed after he finished reading the letter

He kept thinking until he felt a headache and fell asleep

The next day, Salim called Sarah and the following conversation took place between them:

Salim: How are you, Sarah?

*I’m fine, thank God, I’m fine

Written by Mervat Al-Sayed

_It’s all fine. I read the answer

*is it you?

_Oh, his village

*What should we do?

_We meet and talk


_where are you? I’ll come back to you in an hour

*In my house, I am the one in…

_Oh, okay, we will meet in an hour

*God willing

An hour later, they met and went in Slim’s car to a quiet café

Minutes of silence passed

Whitter cut him off as he placed the drinks in front of them

Salim smiled and took off his sunglasses and said to Sarah: Look, Nasr has left us in an embarrassing situation

Sarah breathed a sigh of relief: Thank God you agree with me

May God have mercy on you, Yansr, who tired me with his life and death

Salim: You are right, but let us be honest. The amount is large and it will make us live more comfortably. Then I hope you do not object to me as a person.

Sarah was surprised: You are Egyptian in every way, but your life abroad affected you

Written by Mervat Al-Sayed


*I remained very practical and frank

This is wrong from your point of view

*In my opinion, no, in general

:I care about your opinion and your decision

*I don’t know, I can’t decide, Salim, please help me

Agree and consider it a deal. I know that you are sincere and a smart woman, but let us be practical. This is a profitable deal for us.

*Really, but if we are going to deal with it as a deal, allow me. I don’t object to it being a deal. How will we deal with each other?

: It’s okay, you consider me a friend

*Saleem, listen to me until the end. It is not easy for me to sleep with anyone. I will not know how to open my heart and I cannot imagine being cruel to anyone other than Nasr’s wife, even if it is on paper.

I know how many years old I am, and I refused to get married in the first place, and had it not been for certain circumstances and Nasr’s clinging to me, my time was still in our house. I am afraid because I will prevent you from doing what you want because this will affect me and the children, and I will not be able to give you any advice. Your right as a husband, given the circumstances of our marriage, and you will complain. When you want to get married, I will not agree. I am complicated by polygamy… and….

She looked at him and found him listening to her with a smile and looking at her face as if he was seeing her for the first time

Her face turned red and she said: “Saleem, you hear me.”

He said: Yes, and the problem is with you, it is as if I am seeing you and speaking to you for the first time

*Okay, how do you see me?

Honestly, I don’t know. Your personality is sometimes mysterious, sometimes fearful, and sometimes relaxed

*Contradictions: We are human beings, Salim. We are all contradictions

Remember Slim. His sisters’ words about her, so he felt lost. Should he believe them or believe Nasr, so he was displaced?

She said to him: What did you leave for?

Sarah: If I ask you a frank and clear question, but it is embarrassing, but I have to ask it and I am afraid that you will upset me

*Ask and I won’t be upset

If there is someone in your life, tell me and I will withdraw

Sarah was shocked by his question, but she remembered the mysterious message about their attempt to harm her reputation, and she said calmly: “In my life, there are two people, not one.”

:😱 Eh who?

*My children only

He sighed with relief and Sarah said: They tried to distort my reputation and accuse me of falsehood, right?

:😲😳 How did you know?

Sarah laughed sarcastically: I am not saying that you are honest and do not know how to lie

:But I didn’t believe it

*And I didn’t lie

: He forced me, I am also scattered and lost

*And now

I believed what you said, and my feeling was inclined toward your innocence

*We can agree on something

:What do you want?

*We are honest with each other about everything, no matter what

:We agreed, of course

* We agreed

What shall we do, okay?

: Tomorrow we will go to Hamed, God willing

*Okay, would you like to come with me to the stores? I will open them today, and I was intending to call the police to get a pledge not to attack your sisters.

: Wow, you are very practical, so give me a chance to talk to them, and if you don’t succeed, then I won’t do it for you. Ok.

: Okay, let’s go

* By the way, black is very nice on you

:Thank you, Saleem☺️

Let’s go

Nasr went to meet his sisters

Sarah went home and checked on the children and their condition. Then she went to work and called the workers and asked them to open the stores.

then. She asked all the workers in all branches to meet in front of her at the door of the store and asked to move the office outside to the store’s sidewalk

She sat in front of them on the desk, placing one foot on top of the other

She asked for a shisha and a cup of coffee, and she sat smoking the shisha and drinking her coffee with all strength and determination, while wearing a black cardigan and her black glasses, with her white skin, her natural cheekbones, her great height, and her long hair flowing under the scarf. All of this increased her prestige, dignity, and beauty that takes the mind away.

Sarah looked confidently at the 20 workers in all 3 Nasr stores as they stood in front of her with all respect

She said:…




#Written by Mervat Al-Sayed

Sarah said firmly, but in a calm, confident tone: Look, guys, these are my stores. I have an official paper written to me by my husband, Al-Muallem, Nasr, may God have mercy on him and prepare for me. You all know this.

Al-Fatiha for his soul. Everyone recited Al-Fatiha

She smiled and continued: Now, any conversations I will hear outside the workplace, or anyone who will reveal the secrets of work outside, will also be outside.

She got up and said: I am here, the owner. You will remain my men and my back. Welcome. Other than that, no.

We adhere to our appointments by keeping our place clean, fear God by eating our livelihood, and focus only on our work

A word and I hear it from all of you now

With me or not

Everyone said: I’m with you, lady

She said louder: I can’t hear

Their voices rose: I am with you, everyone

I smiled: Everyone is busy with their work, and you will take all your vacation days, plus a 25% increase in your daily allowance, in the spirit of Teacher Nasr.

Their faces beamed and they prayed for mercy for Nasr and for Sarah for blessing

They left to go about their work

Ali, the store manager, said to her: May God enlighten you, lady of all

Ali: I will install cameras in stores. Focus on this, and whoever makes a mistake once, we will pass it and draw his second glance. No.

I lost the money to the merchants who owed it and told them that we were working as we were

Ali: I order you, lady, all by permission

Ali left and Sarah sat watching the progress of work

Nasr’s brothers were watching from their balcony what was happening

Yasser said to Salim: I see that you are coming to ask us to stay away from her. What are you doing?

Salim: What did she do with her money and she was free to do so?

Saad: After I laughed at Nasr and he wrote her his money, we want to be silent

Salim getting up: OK, I told you that I don’t have Sarah because it’s not easy and by law she has the right to control and do what she does, and she could have any of you locked up on a phone if you came up to her, and you saw travelers like walls working with her like an army.

Marwa: You are still defending her after what you knew

Salim: You are still determined on what you said. Do you know what it will do to you if it comes to pass?

Written by Mervat Al-Sayed

In order to save my time and your time, it is better to win it, don’t fight it because you will lose

And I am not empty, so I come to warn you again, if you make any treacherous move together, she will act and I will not interfere. On the contrary, I will take the side of the truth.

Think of Nasr, may God have mercy on him and his children, whom she treats like her own children and brings them workers, servants, and livestock to the satisfaction of God. I see this and Nasr sees me in all of this.

Hello my sisters

Salim left and went to Sarah

He sat in front of her at the desk and told her: I alerted them and I worked on my behalf

Sarah: As they please, what matters is what you drink

Salim: No, I will go out to check on the children and talk to them

Don’t forget our appointment tomorrow at Hamed’s

God willing

Sarah was busy working, installing cameras, and following up on accounts with the accountant until the day ended, and she went home feeling exhausted

As soon as she entered, Lamia met her and said: Thank God for your safety. I called Becky Mardich

: Sorry, I was busy. What happened? The kids are fine

*Oh, I ate them and they went to sleep, don’t worry, but Salim was here and he called me out. I went down and found him washing Nasr’s children because of you.

Bahdal Ahmed it’s yet. All that happened while you were taking care of them and someone else was throwing them in the street and selling the house and the shops and walking away and telling me that I am not upset with Ahmed and left him feeling down and staying with them all day longing for them and that they loved him.

She was interrupted by a knock on the door. Lamia opened it to find Ahmed and Salim

Salim: We want Sarah

Lamia brought them in

Salim said: Ahmed, I want you, Sarah

Ahmed was looking at the ground in shame and said: I’m sorry, aunt, you have the right to me

Sarah smiled: It’s good, my love

Salim: Kiss her head, Ahmed

Ahmed approached and Sarah hugged him, and he burst into tears: I swear I love you, and this happened because I don’t know who to be upset with.

Written by Mervat Al-Sayed

Sarah Hanan: Never mind, what happened in two months was more than you could bear, but I am not upset. You are the man here in your father’s place.

Ahmed: I mean, you won’t leave us and walk away

Sarah: No, my love

Salim: You will go to work tomorrow too, Ahmed

Ahmed: Yes, uncle

Salim: Come on, let Sarah’s brother-in-law rest

They left quietly

Lamia: Salim is a respectable person. I know that the time is not appropriate, but Salam, if only it would be yours

Sarah laughed: You don’t know what happened

Lamia: Yes, it is true, it is good

Sarah told her what happened while they were eating

Lamia: My heart was sensitive

Sarah: Tomorrow we will go to Hamed and see the world

Oh God, I will check on the children and sleep, and you can go to sleep as if I were to blame you

Sarah went to sleep, woke up, got ready, and went to the stores with Ahmed

He began doing his work as he was accustomed to, and after a short while, Salim called her and said that he was waiting for her outside Hamed’s office

Sarah went to him, they met, and they entered Hamed’s office together

His face lit up when he saw them and he said: Welcome, millions

Salim: We read the answers and agreed to implement the words, but they are coming..

Hamed interrupted him while looking at them with a smile: “So you can understand the details.”

Look, guys, it was

Written by Mervat Al-Sayyed There is a big deal through me, and don’t worry, it is legitimate and permissible, but there are certain people in the country who need a partner like this. Nasr entered it and made a profit, and I had an agreement with him. He kept thinking about what to do with the money. He showed them to a bank safe. The key is with you, Sarah, and the password is with you, Salim.

Until the accident happened, he felt like he was dying, so he called me and let me write these answers to him.

He said that I will not receive a pound unless you agree with his decision, and I must convince you, otherwise I will not take it. fairy

Thank God you agreed and comforted me

What will be done as follows: After the end of the waiting period, you will write your book

Exactly after two months, we will go to the bank and they will take the money

But there is something important. I looked for the key and you looked for the password. He told me that

I have all the papers proving your right to what is in the safe based on an official waiver from him upon his death

Sarah: But that’s it, or is there anything else we’ll be surprised by?

Salim: Yes, this is all talk or nothing

Hamed: But that’s it, nothing else

The important thing is that we agreed?

Sarah, getting up: Agreed

Salim also stood up: We agreed

The three of them shook hands and Sarah and Salim left

Salim said as he led Sarah to her car: I have to travel to close my job there in Germany and move my life here.

Sarah: Okay, will you be gone?

Salim: A month, for example

Sarah: Go and come back safely

Two days later, Salim traveled and Sarah returned to her usual life

A month passed quietly and things were stable

Until Salim returned, he called Sarah and asked to meet her

Outside urgently

Sarah went at the appointed time and place to surprise B


He follows

The story begins from here



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