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The novel A Challenge with the Devil, Chapter Thirteen, 13, written by Zahrat Al-Rabi`

A challenge with the devil novel, part thirteen

A novel, A Challenge with the Devil, Part Thirteen

Novel Challenge with the Devil, Episode Thirteen

Hatem looked at her with astonishment and anger blinded him. How could she dare him? He said in a frightening tone that made her terrified: “Stay back because I didn’t listen.”
Here she was not afraid of his look and the way he spoke, and for the first time she was so brave, she said, “You said that you are an animal, and you will remain like this for the rest of your life.” She consulted with her sister, who was devastated and said, “I looked at her like this, she was not yet 19 years old, and she had not done anything for the world to put her in a situation like this.” It is forbidden to embarrass her in front of her colleague. You really have no heart, as you said before. Satan learns from you.
Hatem got angry and said with a shout: “Shut up at all, what is it because I will be writing to you in the morning and say, ‘Don’t go too far and tell me your manners.’ Yes, I did that and I will do more, so stay away from this path, smart one. You don’t know that the fire inside me burns you and anyone who might interfere, even against your sister. It’s her fault.” I married a dirty guy and I’m just going to give her and his sister nothing more. By the way, be careful with all that you’re planning, whether your sister’s marriage or what you’ve been doing since yesterday. He won’t move a hair on me. I won’t forgive him. Whatever happens is that you’ll get hurt with him. You have a chance. I’ll give you it myself. You and your sister stay away from this situation. At all, if you want to live in peace
Here she was looking at her with obvious anger and did not speak, and Hatem got out the phone and called and said: Yes, Hani, come on, close the screens and look at Hana with a provocative smile and say: That is enough.
Selim was watching them and he knew that Hatem, whoever did this, would surely die of rage and rage. Hatem Basallo said with a provocative laugh: Congratulations, groom. He looked at Nada and said: Congratulations, bride, and approached here and whispered in her heart and said: As for your challenge, this is only the beginning. The next guy looked at Salim again, laughed provocatively, and went to his room
The guests were walking, and then her sister went out to sleep and Amal went to sleep, and everyone was very sad, but they thank God that there was no press or media in the place.
Salim came out of the room and looked at Nada, who was sitting on the bed, nervous and angry
He whispered in a hoarse voice and said with a sigh: “Oh, I’m sorry for what happened.”
He shouted angrily and shouted, “I’m sorry and it will help you. Sorry.”
Salim was annoyed by her shouting and said, “What am I going to do to you? I mean, what happened? And then you don’t know everything about me. I already told Hana that I have relationships and…
Nada interrupted you and said: Firstly, I am not here. My name is Nada. Secondly, I do not know anything about you or your relationships, and I do not know that you spent your time in forbidden things. I do not know how I will enter university after what happened in front of my colleagues.
Salim got very upset and said annoyed, “I haven’t invited anyone to see me. I will die of joy so much because I invite your friends.”
Nada is upset and upset…no, I am the one who will die of happiness. In general, you are very kind
Salim smiled at her childhood and her words, took a pillow and a blanket, and put them on the sofa
Nada looked at her and said, “What are you doing?”
Slim, as you see.. I will sleep on the sofa and make you the bed. Maybe this is how you know that I have good taste. Take clothes and go to the bathroom.
Nada was upset by what she said, especially since she knew that this was all because of Hatem, and she knew that Selim married her because of Hatem, and she kept waiting for him to apologize.
When she entered, she found Hatem taking a shower. She kept waiting for him and trying to calm down. She said, “Calm down, Hana. Don’t let him provoke you. It’s true that he won a round, but you still have a lot of work to do.” She took a breath and prepared clothes.
Hatem came out of the bathroom and looked at her and continued to whistle indifferently, as if he was doing nothing
Here I was annoyed, but I tried not to show it. I took my clothes and went to the bathroom
Hatem sighed as soon as I entered and felt sad for the first time he did something and got upset. He said to himself: This is the right thing, this is definitely the right thing, and he lay on the bed and tried to sleep.
Here I went out and found him on the bed, she smiled maliciously and went to sleep, Jumbo
Hatem sat down and said annoyed: “What?” “I don’t intend to pass this night or what.”
Here he is indifferent…and what did I do?
Hatem is upset and bored.. Get up, Hana, get up, Mama, sleep on the sofa. I want to sleep because I am really tired.. and in the morning we will continue this game of cat and mouse, may God guide you
Here, as if she was listening, she said, “It’s not every day that we talk about this topic. I can’t sleep on the sofa. You want to sleep on it. Go. I don’t want to be silent. Let us sleep.” She looked away and smiled slyly. She said, “He said, ‘I will die and sleep next to you, and you snore all night.'”
With my pen… Spring Flower
Hatem Barq was startled and surprised. He slept very calmly and Amr did not snore. He said, “I snore, I.” He closed his eyes, trying to control himself. He grabbed her by the arm forcefully and pulled her tight and said, “What do I want? What do I want?”
Here she looked into his eyes, meaning she was nervous, and said with great tenderness and pampering, “I want to sleep next to you.”
Hatem Fadl walked away and swallowed his saliva with nervousness and confusion. He said, “I am.” He took a breath and said as he walked away, “I don’t want to sleep next to you, and my hands will leave you green. I will sleep on the sofa, happy.”
Hatem got up and headed towards the sofa, but stopped there when he heard Hana say: You loved her so much, Hatem, so your love for her deserves all your anger.
Hatem closed his eyes in pain and said, “Yes, I loved her, I was in love with her,” and he continued, intending to annoy her.
Here she flashed with astonishment and said: “I am… I am normal, Hatem.”
Hatem looked at the other side and said in a lie: Yes, it is normal and very normal too. What is special about you?
Here she smiled slyly and stood in front of him, and she was very close to him, and she looked into his eyes and said, “You are right, I also see myself as very ordinary, but there is one thing that makes me see that I am special.”
Here she was very close to him, and Hatem was very afraid of her closeness, but he looked at her as if they were pulling him so he walked up to them and said, “What is this thing?”
Here, while she was staring at me, she said, “When your eyes look at me, I feel special.. very special, too.”
Hatem Fadl stared at her eyes and onions with a look of complete admiration
Here she said with a smile…exactly the way you look now
Hatem woke up to himself and looked away from her and walked away to the other side and said nervously: “That’s just your imagination is wide or maybe you’re dreaming” and he went to the sofa and lay on it while trying to calm down and silence the sound of the drum in his heart every time he got close to her, and this is what scares and annoys him.
Here she smiled at him and said: By the way, Hatem, bravo to you. What you did was able to annoy all of us, but what is strange is that you are not happy. Do you think why?
Hatem lied..on the contrary, I am very happy. I just want to sleep because I am tired
Here in disbelief… Oh, you told me, good night, and Namo are the dragons
When Salim came out of the bathroom, he found Nada waiting for him. She was going to talk to him, but they brought her phone. She also entered to take a shower and came out to find him lying on the sofa.
Nada is nervous…by the way, can I sleep on the sofa? This is your bed. Or we can change one day and you another.
Salim said without looking at her, “I’m comfortable like this, thank you.”
Nada wants to apologize, but she doesn’t know how to start. She said, “But you might get tired, I mean.”
Salim sat and looked at her and raised his eyebrows meaning she was talking
Here, without understanding..eh
Salim..Say, I hear you
Nada sighed and said, “I wanted to apologize for my words. I know that what happened was against you, and there was no point in bothering you. I’m sorry.”
Selim smiled at her innocence and said: This apology is your right, Nada. Don’t apologize. Your right is mine. He lowered his head in ecstasy and said: From the first day we received you like this, surely you will tell me what will happen after that?
It is difficult for Nada. She responded quickly..Never, by God, and you are not paralyzed. Believe me, everything will be solved.
Salim smiled and said: No one sees that everything will be solved except you and your sister
Nada is confident… Madam Hana told you that, believe her. You don’t know Hana when you put something in her brain.
Salim smiled and said, “I know, good night.”
On the second day, Hatem and I went to breakfast, and after a while, Nada and Salim sat with them.
Nada was here and they were happy together, talking and joking with Amal and Salim
Hatem was silent and drinking his coffee. He looked at Salim and said, “You didn’t even come in your room today. You are newlyweds.” He looked at me provocatively and said, “There is no one there. You are so sad that you cannot see me.”
Salim sighed in distress, as if he was going to speak here. She said quickly…of course they have to come down, and every day too, I believed that I see my beloved sister every day. Nada smiled lovingly, and then she looked at Salim with a warning that he should not respond to him.
Amal said: By the way, Hatem, your cousin’s son was captured. He wants to come and stay with us for a few days.
Hatem is upset.. Mama comes, but he stays for a few days
I asked in amazement..what is wrong with it, my son? He comes and stays with us on every vacation. What is he rejecting now?
Selim responded spontaneously before Hatem and said, “Yes, mama, at first we were young men and you were his aunt, but now there are women in the house. We will walk and leave them here and not take them with us or anything, and this is a bad boy. He doesn’t even believe any chance.”
Hatem replied and said: Listen to Selim, Mama. He is the person who knows best that whoever finds an opportunity should take advantage of it, even if it is with the person closest to him.
Selim was very upset and was going to talk, but here she said: Of course, any young man who finds the opportunity to do something wrong will do it as long as the woman allows him to do so, but don’t worry, Hatem, you are leaving black behind, whether it is me or my sister, no one can go beyond us with a word, so walk with peace of mind.
Salim smiled and was surprised that she could confront him, and Amal said, “May God complete your mind here.”
Hatem said seriously…the matter is over. Tell him Hatem does not agree because there are women in the house.
I hope, but I will embarrass him and embarrass myself
Hatem firmly… I’m sorry, Mama, because I don’t think so. I will stay after a while, but you know that he is impolite, and my aunt won’t be upset at all. I know her.
Hopes in despair… Ok Hatem, what do you see?
Hatem got up and was going to walk, but he didn’t want to walk without bothering Selim, as usual. He looked at Nada and said, “Oh, that’s right, bride.” On the occasion of safety, take care of yourself and always lock the door, even if it’s just me in the house, because even a brother has no security in this time.
Salim was very nervous here, and at the end he stood up and approached Hatem angrily, but here she was faster. I ran at Hatem and Basto next to his lips forcefully and quickly..and she said, “You will arrive safely, my heart. I will keep checking on you when you arrive, thanks to his anxiety.”
With my pen… Spring Flower
Everyone was surprised by her audacity, except for Hatem. He was literally shocked and stood looking at her and leaning over, his heart beating quickly and soundly, even though he was annoyed by what they said. When he saw Mubraq and he was so shocked, he stopped laughing. It was the first time he had seen her close to his brother and he was not bothered.
Hatem took his phone and walked away without answering it, without speaking half a word, and went to the company
Here she went out to her room and her heart was beating hard, and she didn’t know why
Nada came up behind her and said quickly, here I want to ask you a question, and you have my life and you can answer it
Here.. ask
Nada…what is making Hatem upset with Salim? Salim said that they are quarreling, but what they are doing is Hatem, and his insinuations say that there is something big and strange between them.
Hana was going to run away, but she didn’t like lying to her, especially since she was happy to know that Nada told her the whole story. At first, I was very shocked, but I agreed with Hana that they are doing what they can to reconcile them.
At night, she was in the room and Hatem entered, looking very distressed
Here she stood up and left and said: It is better for you to be upset over something
Hatem angrily and shouted…and you are the one who told you that he was dead once, stay in peace, it will be better for you
Here she was overcome by his strange anger and said without thinking: “Hatem, did you fight with Salim again or what?”
Hatem looked at her with terrific anger and said, “Oh, Selim, you are asking because Selim is so afraid for him, sir. If you are so afraid for him, you are torturing yourself. Why do you take him down? I don’t mind staying with him, even if it’s on Nada’s behalf. I will call her, and we will change one day a week so that he doesn’t get bored.”
You interrupted here with a very strong pen that left Hatem Barq astonished and shocked

He follows…..

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