رواية ليالي الغول الفصل العشرون 20 بقلم لوجي احمد

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The novel Nights of the Ghoul, Chapter Twenty 20


The novel Nights of the Ghoul, Chapter Twenty 20

Ammar was unconscious due to the wound, and for nights she stayed beside him, trying to comfort him and follow up with him with treatment.

He spent whole hours in this situation, when he started to ignore it a little bit, and she stayed beside him, and I didn’t feel happy at all. He started to ignore and think about what happened.

But some nights, she slept on her own due to being so tired, and when he first opened his eyes, he found her next to him, so he looked at her hard and hard and got close to her features and saw her well, and he began to put his fingers on her face and walk along them.

He forgot everything and the people of the whole world the first time he saw it, and he started talking to himself and saying, “Your features are beautiful, strong, and calm, and you treat yourself like a child. You are not even a child, Layali. The first time I saw you, I said that you were a child, and in fact, you are a child.”

But here she started to fall asleep as soon as she woke up and found Ammar Fatah was in labor. She no longer knew what to say. She was confused, but she tried to gather her strength and tell him, “You are fine. He feels it.” She was trying to put her hand on his shoulder.

Ammar.. in a thick voice, I am fine, keep your hand away

He was trying to get out of bed

Nights.. Wait, where are you going? The doctor said that you are forbidden to move from the bed, even for one day, so that the wound does not open again.

Ammar.. A wound in the heart is a wound to the body, these are not wounds

Nights.. Believe me, you must rest, and she was trying to prevent him. He got up from the bed. Ammar was nervous. I told you to stay away from me. He said, “You forgot what you did, and you forgot that everything that happened happened from under your head. If you had not entered on me with his hand, all of this would not have happened.” And I preferred to know who was normal and who was my lover, but you made a family in it, and you did innocent things in it, and you did evil in it, too.

Layali interrupted Ammar with a loud voice and said to him, “There is no one here” and she stops, “Oh, I am Asher.” Of all, you married a girl to me, and no one did “Sunni before you.”

Ammar… Evil is not a matter of anyone blaming you, but honor is in morals and principles in every matter, and you have neither principles nor morals, and the biggest proof of that is what you did to him.

Nights, I do not deny that I made a mistake, but since the time I entered your house, I have not done anything to harm or hurt you. On the contrary, you are the ones who hurt me and harmed me from the beginning. Your brother Ammar was angry and loud. You do not speak my brother’s biography in your own words. My brother, it is not over, and you are their company in the past. I will take everyone’s right, I will not give up his right as I took Hour’s right

Nights.. but Hoor didn’t die

Ammar…we are back to fallacy again. Enough is enough. Your game has been exposed. There is no need for you to continue with it.

I want you to take yourself and run and go to Amjad and Nana and tell them that I am going to take their souls and wait with them because your turn will also be with them.

Nights.. I am neither with them nor with you. I want you to understand what is happening, and after that I will disappear completely. You will not see me, nor will you know my way.

Ammar.. I hope you disappear from now on because I can’t stand to see you in front of me, and enough of the annoyance and injury that you caused was not enough for you. You were also the one who was enough.

Nights. Sorry to ask, why is someone like you so hurt, Ammar Bey?

Someone like you is bored of the world and hurt, why are you so bored of the world? You have everything, money, you have a family, you have health, and you have people working under your control. Why are you so bored of the world?

Ammar.. He looked at her but did not respond to her words

He was trying to get up and get off, but the wound made him tired from the movement, and he started to feel the pain, and it was very clear to him that he was in pain on nights that I did not forget to see this, and she began to help him and tell him to rest a little, you are still tired, even if I have to, I will walk.

Ammar was surprised that she was very affectionate and actually started to relax on the bed. She told him, “I will get you something to eat.”

Ammar. He began to explore the surroundings and asked her, “Who brought this treatment here?” Nights, she began to tell him what happened, that Othman came and brought the doctor, even though Ammar was the one who opened the door for Othman, but the fatigue, anesthesia, and these things affected him a little.

Ammar heard from her and began to think and said, “Yes, I remembered,” and I also remembered that you were telling me, “Listen to me. What do you have to say to me?” Tell me.

Nights… your sister Aisha

I have evidence that the one who died was not a poplar

Ammar. Evidence of how Hour is, who was married to Ammar. Hour is the one who was in Ammar’s house, and on the day of the incident, Hayat was with us at home.

Don’t you know that I was interrupting my sister, Hoor, who was coming very simply because of my mother, but on the day of this incident, she was at her husband’s house, and Hayat was at our house, so what about the life that died and Hoor that she is living?

Nights, I can’t answer this question for you. No one can answer this question for you except your sister Hoor.

Ammar, you mean Hayat, not Hour

Nights…listen to me, Nana asked me to enter your house. She was asking to make sure that what was there was poplar or life.

Ammar . How did I doubt? If Amjad had doubted himself, he would not have doubted, because if Amjad had doubted, he would have confirmed it himself.

Nights . Amjad was constantly seeing Hoor in public places, and every time he talked to Nana, she would tell Amjad that these were preparations because of the accident and because he felt that Hoor was not at fault and feared.

But no, I was not sure that this was not a preparation. When she saw Hoor in a public place once, she said that this is not life, this is Hoor.

Ammar…even though Hoor and Halaldin have the same appearance, the same resemblance, and the same behavior, I mean, they are both very similar to each other.

Layali.. She interrupted his words and said to him, “But the same birthmark that is on Hoor’s leg cannot be found on a man’s life.”

Ammar.. The second topic of birthmarks and these videos

Nights.. I’ll show you something, but try to control your nerves

Nights when she went to the office for Ammar, he had her bag, and Ammar took her from the office in the apartment, but her bag was still there. She went and ran to her bag. She brought a flash drive and asked him for a phone or for her father. He told her, “The father is with you at the office.”

And then the nights began. She brought the laptop and put the flash drive in it and started playing the videos on the flash drive. But when he saw the scene for the first time, he was astonished by the one who saw Ward. He responded. He was shocked and said, “Who is this animal that filmed these videos?” while he closed the laptop nervously?

Nights..Amjad, which was filmed by Ammar, how would Amjad film himself in a naked position like this, because the videos were about Amjad’s sleeping room while he was being squeezed in secret. “I see, Amjad is not crazy to this degree.”

Layali, what I learned from us is that Amjad was the photographer of these videos because Hoor wanted to leave him in the end, and he was pressuring her with these videos so that she would not leave them and come to you.

Ammar . Here he began to believe Layali’s words and understand them

Layali opened the laptop again and told him to focus on this picture

This picture is a man with your sister’s husband and his birthmark is there. Ammar really focused and found that the birthmark was there

Nights.. This same birthmark on the man of his life

Ammar . She also had a life and a mother-in-law. The two were twins and similar to each other in every way

Nights, maybe, but not to the extent that they are similar to each other in everything, as they are similar to each other in pregnancy


Nights, nights, whether this is Houri or Hayat, although I am sure it is Houri, she is pregnant

Ammar.. You are crazy, my sister is not married yet

Here you have to make sure that this is poplar and not life

Ammar.. was silent and started thinking out loud and saying

When the doctor came to examine you, she came down and told me that you were pregnant, even though when I slept with you, you were still a girl.

Layali.. Your sister is the one who is pregnant, Ammar

Ammar…I’m pregnant

Nights…from Amjad, what is his wife?

Ammar.. The doctor told me that she examined three things

Layali…she started talking about what happened and saying

That day, when you brought the doctor to examine me, my only concern was that I would leave that house and run to Nana and inform her that Hoor was alive.

Because the time I saw a birthmark on Hoor’s leg, one day I was with her in the room and he had a headache and she told me to take a rivet on the stairs and I found pimples. Then she took a pill.

Ammar Hana silenced her and told her, “I saw this pill, that’s why I brought you the doctor.”

Nights.. At that time, I had to make sure. I wasn’t sure if this was poplar or life, but this was the last hope I had to be sure.

The doctor examined me first, and your sister said that she was tired or complained of being tired, and the doctor examined her, but she revealed a pain in her side, as your sister requested, and here the doctor told her that this was a normal cold and that there was nothing to make her worry.

You examined me as well. It turned out that there was no pregnancy and that I was a girl. The first time your sister examined you, she did not detect pregnancy or examine anything. The doctor said she was a girl.

And your sister took the doctor aside. I don’t know what she said to her and then I examined her again, but the world was dark this time, and your sister understood the doctor that this time she was examining me, and this was your sister’s agreement with me in exchange for her letting me out of the house.

I agreed to that and your sister went to the doctor

The doctor walked away and I went in to change my clothes so that I could walk like your sister. She agreed with me. I saw someone. Until now, I don’t know who she is or who he is, because I’m not sure if it was a man or a woman. Just Marwan, your brother, didn’t let him enter the room. I forbade him that there was someone in the room and he didn’t come close, but unfortunately he did. Designed and the light interrupted her time

And I heard his scream, and I fainted and lost consciousness, and you surpassed me and your brother Mi.

Ammar..what does it mean?

Layali… I mean, your sister agreed with me the last time that she revealed the last time because she was tired, but on the basis of this last time, I am the one who revealed. I mean, your sister revealed twice, and I once, so these are the three girls.

Ammar, it’s black

Nights. Do you remember when I saw a girl running in the garden, it was not a preparation, because I saw her too.

Ammar.. Except in this house, this is poplar, not life

Good life, she went to Amjad’s house, and who knew this except you? Speak while she pulls her by the arm.

Nights, your mother knows that this is poplar, not life

Ammar…here he got up from the bed in a frightening way

Nights.. Where am I going to rest because of your hurt?

Ammar.. Don’t move from here, and I promise you that I will finish everything and leave you alone, but woe to you if you try to do anything, my nights.

Nights.. No, don’t leave me here, take me with you

Ammar.. I told you to wait here, and he went out and locked the apartment. He was tired and showed signs of fatigue, so he got into his car and flew at the speed of lightning to the villa.

Of course, there was Bossi in the villa with his mother, Majida, in her room, because Bossi was afraid for Majida after what happened in the hospital, and Hayat was in her room, and Ammar was heading to Hayat’s room.

He opened the door to the room and entered like a crazy person. At that time, she was sitting on the chair in front of the mirror. She turned around and said, “Ammar was clearly hurt and tired.” She said to him, “What’s wrong with you?”

Ammar.. “God bless her with the pen, all this, and you are deceiving me, Hoor, and your sister was a victim of your dirty deeds.”

I want to understand one thing, but you are the one who lived with Amjad and how life is what dies

Hayat..I will understand everything for you

She started telling the whole story


As for the nights she spent in the apartment, she felt a smell coming into the apartment, trying to get out of anywhere, but there was no way to get out of it, but suddenly she felt that the door was opening. She ran to the door and said, “Ammar, you came again, but unfortunately, she saw in front of her a woman wearing black and white 🥹.”

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