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Writing the article: Kholoud Muhammad Ashour

Cover Design: Faith is wise

Before we start reading the article together, we will quickly update you on what is related to injustice.

Injustice is an important and sensitive topic in Islam and in human life in general.

There are many definitions, types, causes and consequences of injustice.

Therefore, we will try hard to summarize for you some useful information about injustice from reliable sources.

Definition of injustice

Language: Injustice is putting something in the wrong place, or exceeding the limit and being unjust

Terms: Injustice is placing something in a place other than its proper place. Either a decrease or an increase; Either by going away from its time or place. It is also known as transgressing from the right to wrong, and disposing of the property of others.

Types of injustice

  • A person’s injustice to himself: It is a person’s abuse of himself as a result of an act or statement that is outside the limits of Sharia law, such as associating others with God, transgressing His limits, turning away from His verses, or lying to Him3.
  • A person’s injustice to other people: it is the violation of the rights, money, honor, and dignity of others, such as backbiting and gossiping, cursing and cursing, beating and stealing, murder and adultery, or consuming usury and betrayal.3
  • Injustice by societies toward each other: is the violation of the sovereignty, freedom, security, and dignity of different societies, such as colonialism and occupation, interference in their affairs, or discrimination and division between them.

Causes of injustice

Firstly, Satan: He is the clear enemy of man, and he facilitates the path of injustice and evil for him, and encourages him to disobey and disobey.

Secondly, the soul that leads to evil: it is a soul that pushes its owner to follow its desires without guidance or piety, thus causing him to oppress himself and others5.

Thirdly, passion: It is a psychological inclination toward something without evidence or evidence, which attracts him to the love of money, prestige, and fame, and makes him turn a blind eye to the realities of things.

The consequence of injustice

The wrath of God Almighty: injustice is forbidden in the Book of God and the Sunnah of His Messenger, and He does not like the oppressors

Deprivation of the intercession of the Prophet, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him: The Messenger of God, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, said: (I seek forgiveness for you and plead with my Lord for you, and I will intercede for you on the Day of Resurrection, except for the one who has done a great injustice, for whom a veil has veiled me).

Heartbreak and remorse: The oppressor lives in a state of anxiety, fear and tension, and is unable to taste happiness and comfort, and on the Day of Resurrection he hopes to redeem himself for everything.

In the article that you will read next, the writer has touched upon some of these matters in a slight or indirect way, and we can say that she has put the fingertips of her pens to work.

And there are other places that the writer hit with an iron hammer to wake us up from the slumber we had been in for years, and she did well.

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An unfair article written by Kholoud Muhammad Ashour

Have you ever encountered a victim due to someone’s injustice?! There is no doubt that you have met someone like that, but the question that arises now is: Did you give yourself a chance and decide to listen to the entire dialogue between the victim and the perpetrator before deciding who is the perpetrator and who is the victim?!

Sometimes people kill themselves before others do, some are a disaster for themselves and a danger to themselves, and some destroy themselves before other people do; Therefore, the Beloved Chosen One commanded us to always repeat, “O God, do not leave me to myself for the blink of an eye.” And it is narrated in the hadith that “If God is angry with one of His servants and he leaves him to himself, it is sufficient to destroy him.” Therefore, I would like to say that sometimes we are the criminals, and that we are the ones who save us from sin. Ourselves, and because the matter is clear from the example; I say, “Suppose your neighbor came to rob you of your home, and you stood with your hands tied and let him control you, then you went out to the people, crying, mourning your misfortune, and accusing your neighbor of being the perpetrator and you being the victim. And when we narrate the situation from the outside and without details, you deserve sympathy, but in reality you were the negligent person who facilitated what his neighbor did.” He wills; here you are unjust to yourself, and with God you will be punished and not rewarded for your patience with the affliction of the theft of your home; and this is because you did not take the initiative to defend your right and do everything you can to stop the injustice being done to you.

Examples I like to narrate are: A mother was subjected to insults and beatings from one of her sons. So she called a sheikh and asked him, “My son does such-and-such to me, and I do not return what he does to him. Will God reward me with goodness for his disobedience?” The sheikh answered her, “No. Rather, you must push him away, and raise him again if possible, and strive with every effort to reform him. If that does not work, then you will be rewarded for your patience.” He is disobedient to him, but you must deter him from what he is doing so that he does not harm you, and you can seek the help of relatives if necessary.”

This means that accepting the status quo and accepting the role of the victim without doing what we can; It makes us unjust to ourselves.

In the end, I remind you that resisting harm, not submitting to miserable conditions, striving to change the imposed reality, not submitting to circumstances, and doing what is possible; It is a religious and worldly duty, otherwise we will be oppressors, helping the oppressors against ourselves.

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