Anapec Inscription التسجيل في موقع الأنابيك للحصول على عمل 2023/2024

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Anapec Inscription التسجيل في موقع الأنابيك للحصول على عمل 2023/2024

How to register for ANAPIC 2023/2024 National Agency for the Promotion of Employment and Competencies Anapec 2023 Anapec Inscription Anapec is a government program and resource that facilitates and helps young people and diploma holders enter the labor market and search for work. Register in Annabek from your phone According to the capabilities and competencies available to each job seeker. On the other hand, ANAPEC is considered an important intermediary between employers and job seekers, especially in helping them find jobs.

How to register in Anapec from the phone 2023/2024 Anapec Inscription

ANAPEC announces job opportunities that are constantly renewed on a daily basis, as it enables all job seekers with job opportunities to send their CV through the website Tubes. As a job seeker, you need different and varied information to quickly get the job position you aspire to. In this section you will find information about the method Registration in Annabic Inscription Anapec 2023 Job offers provided by the National Agency for the Promotion of Employment and Skills (ANAPEC) and other bodies, information about promising professions and sectors, and other useful information to guide you, etc.

first step Registration in Annabic Register in Annabek from your phone You must register for ANAPIC 2023 Anapec Inscription On the ANAPEC website on the Internet

All data required in the registration form must be filled out and must be correct, as their accuracy is carefully verified.

As you can during the process Registration in Annabic Inscription Anapec Attach your CV in PDF or DOC format.

After completing all these stages, your account will be created on the digital portal of the National Agency.
After completion Register in Annabek from your phone Inscription Anapec After about a week has passed since registering on the Anapec website, and in order for the registration process to be completed accurately, the interested person must prepare The following personal documents Direct it to the nearest agency:

– ID photo;

– A copy of the CV;

– A certified copy of the national ID card;

– A certified copy of the diploma;

– A copy of various experiences and professional expertise;

You will be asked to fill out three forms, followed by an oral test lasting between 15 and 30 minutes with one of the agency’s employees to verify the data you provided and to determine the type of position that suits you compared to the evidence and abilities you possess.

Then all you have to do is visit ANAPEC website On the Internet, you will find job opportunities that suit you. Choose the match that suits you, and then you will be summoned to the agency to pass a test with the officials of the company that announced the match.

Steps to register in Anapec Register in Anapec from the phone 2023 Anapec Inscription

Registration in Annabic

  • Go to the site And press “ Créer your space candidats ».
  • The agency registration page will appear. Inscription ».
  • Fill in all your important information (name, lineage, national card number, city, postal address, password « Identification ».
  • Fill out information related to academic qualifications through options according to specializations. Formation ».
  • Fill in information relevant to experiences and options, if any. Experience ».
  • Fill out information about the skills that each candidate possesses. Compétences ».
  • Finally, you fill out optional information, such as your hobby, and your CV is inserted to be sent to the site. Click on the registration icon below to submit the enrollment form. Valider ».

Anapec inscription

After Registration in Annabic Inscription Anapec Create your own account on the Anapec website.

How to apply for job offers through the Anapec website

In order to be nominated for a job offer, you must first log into your account. You can search for job offers in different ways:

-City or region.
Professional or economic activity.

To be nominated for a job offer, you must ensure that the position requested suits you and that you meet the specifications specified in the offer. Also know that you:

-If you do not submit your nomination, the operator will not receive your file.
-If you are nominated for job offers that do not match your qualifications, your nomination will be considered invalid.

How to apply for international job offers

To apply for international job offers available at the National Agency for the Promotion of Employment and Skills, you can visit the following website

Accompanying services provided by Anapec

ANAPEC’s mission revolves around three main points that we should know about:

1- If you are a job seeker, regardless of your level or qualifications, this agency works to accompany and assist job seekers and job seekers, regardless of their level and qualifications, in the possibility of finding a job, whether inside Morocco or abroad.

2- The National Agency also plays the role of serious accompaniment from the idea to the establishment of the activity in the case of promoting free enterprise.

3- Helping project owners find suitable employees for the company or project.

It should be noted that all of these services offered are 100% free, because ANAPIC is a public employment service funded by the Moroccan state.

4- Organizing remote workshops Via the following link:

5 –Courses that enable you to master your job search techniques, Via the following link:

6-Guide Searching for a job And tips To search for work, follow the following link:

Types of employment contracts with Anapec

The first type

The salary will be: Between 1600 and 2409 dirhams.
the benefits: CNSS contributions exemption for 24 months; Extended for 12 months
Duration of the contract : 24 months
Target groups: Persons without diplomas, graduates (higher education and vocational training) and graduates enrolled in ANAPEC.

The second type

The salary will be: Between 1,600 and 6,000 dirhams.
Duration of the contract : 24 months.
the benefits: The CNSS contributions exemption for 24 months is extended for 12 months.
Target groups: Graduates (higher education and vocational training) registered with ANAPEC for more than 6 months.

The third type

The salary is: between 6000 and 2409 dirhams.
Benefits: CNSS contributions exemption for 24 months, extended for 12 months.
Contract duration: 24 months.
Target groups: graduates (higher education and vocational training) and graduates enrolled in ANAPEC.

Explanatory video: How to register on the Inscription Anapec website

Come to understand the pipe contract CONTRAT ANAPEC

Come to understand a little, I swear, this will even benefit you

You look for a service or get a job offer while he is in a contract with you and you don’t know what to do??
And I’m afraid you won’t stay??
Do you have a fear of accepting or rejecting and then regretting it?
The solution is easy, follow with me, whoever is coming, and focus with me, because the law does not protect fools. Know your rights, know your duties, and do not be afraid. First, we will explain to you what this is like.
(National Agency for the Promotion of Employment and Skills)
It is a public institution with financial and moral independence. It is under the guardianship of the Ministry of Labour, and all its services are free. We line it with a pair of lines: “All services have great benefits.” Follow with the balance of its activities, which are divided into 3 major axes:

The first axis:

– Mediation of the labor market between employers and job seekers is the net.
And this is what they called the integration program contrat insertion or contrat ANAPEC. They called it the ghetto, why did this contrat ANAPEC run, why is it not a regular contrat (CDD/CDI)?

Since this is a normal contra, the companies are not allowed to pay them and they are not allowed to serve young people who have no experience with this type of contra, as it simply involves a set of obligations and costs for the operator, and the operator is at a disadvantage, and he gets a hoe that I plow with and does not serve, so the government put an end to this. They came out with a new concept called an integration contract for me. It’s just a job, a job, with a promise to work, but you don’t have to ask me to ask someone, please don’t worry about it and send me a price tag.

This ANAPEC contract has a set of advantages for the employer and the job seeker. For the employer, he will not receive deductions for the CNSS and TFP. For the job seeker, he will not receive the IR income tax and will benefit from the compulsory health coverage (AMO). Tell me why he does not benefit from the CNSS or the retirement is paid.

Back to what I said, lol, you have not yet changed your system, you should be aware of this, and the operator said that it will not finish you with CNSS, and you are also like that, so how can you benefit from it, since you have not finished it, and in the first place, the box was made of silk, and it left the camel lying down. What is important for me is that you go and get your own contraption, of course, you read it. Meziane and the thing that you did not understand is your right and there is nothing wrong with it, and you should know that you can resign or I can call the employer on you at any time and this is something special that I will tell you during the day and night.

Senior, you have the right to benefit from the contra-employment contract if you do not miss 6 months. We will give you an example, if you served in the contra-employment contract for a month, two months, or even five months, and you left or they expelled you, then you have the right to benefit from another labor contract, if God permits, you will receive service in the contra-employment contract, but if you expire for 6 months. After the service, you left, and your life remains to benefit from the contraption of Anapec.

For a simple reason, the state will give you a couple of opportunities to benefit from the contract of your pipelines, which have the advantages that we said, so if you don’t stay, you will always get tax and deductions from the operator, and you will always be switching from one service to another, and you will always have a pipeline contract, and this is a deterrent for the operators so that they do not keep people coming in and out. They took advantage of the benefits I had in the contract (we said that social security and taxes on professional work will not be paid)

And you know that even if the operator does not commit to serving 60% of the people in his house who have a pipe contractor, he saw that Maamr would benefit again from these advantages. For example, if a service company creates 10 people in a roof/pipe pipe, then it is required to serve with a contract (CDD/CDI) at least 6. If you agree, the solution is to force your head to be between Doc 6 and show your hand.

One of the cases has been forgotten, this is Kamlo Vapor Anabek. You will not be charged even one dirham. If your employer tells you that we have cut off anything for you, this is the opposite of Anabek’s case. There is no reason for you to meet us and there is no shame in knowing that the guy who cut them off and their house, so they brought you Anabek, cannot be enforced by the force of the law and cannot be entered into at all. Money from Hadshi and yours knows as well

The minimum period for your contract is 1,600 dirhams, the maximum amount is 6,000 dirhams, and the maximum period is 24 months, i.e. two years. You can get an automatic contract, either part ways, or convert it to a normal contract, which is permissible and good. You can have your own tycoon and charge your money so you can draw with them, God willing. And it’s a shame that you know this whole thing, you know that I have the right to you and I have the right to you, so you don’t know what I would like to do with you or not, and if you want my opinion for years to come, be kind to me or not be kind and trust in God, and God willing, I will be well.. its ruler is wise.

The second axis

– Training and preparing an efficient labor force in proportion to the requirements of the labor market (such as training courses at the expense of studying for its management, two books for it in each region. In Morocco, the most reliable type of service is required. Firstly, the companies have the most reliable supply of the plaster, and it has two kilograms of training courses for the young people to come and be. They have a diploma, so I sacrifice the specialty and I can serve this Vapor, but they will not serve you since the training course is not enough for me. They are just waiting. We give you an example (in the Casablanca region, for example, education is given to them in many ways. Workers in the hotel field are half a kilogram of a training course for young people who want this field on the basis that I have a diploma and it comes from me. There is a company that turns against this person so that they give it to you. This is what we called it. This is the formation of qualifiante de reconversion.

The third axis

– Guiding and accompanying project holders or auto-employees. You have a project that you want to start and you have no knowledge or money to start a company or the most important type of companies. Al-Warraq is yours. The important thing is that everything is like going to any pipeline company that is close to you. You can make an appointment with them and complete it with them, and there is a lot of advice from Al-Khawaij. I will help you with it. I encourage you to even receive funding from specialized bodies, such as the National Initiative for Human Development, etc. Personally, I would advise you to go in this direction, run the Diyalak Project, and I would like it to be managed, and they are going to help you, and this is Vapor, and we will take care of it, and if something happens, someone wants to ask you for something in return, file a complaint. It is better to write and knock it out and let the rooster calm down and hear his news. The law does not protect the foolish.

This is a summary of the most important roles of Diala Anaik. We hope that you have enjoyed it and that you do not leave one thing behind. I will laugh at you and answer this thing that I told you and confirm it. Kokol saw it. I went to her and asked them to explain everything to you. Move on and don’t forget. Everyone have to.

What is ANAPEC?

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ANAPEC: The most important jobs advertised

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