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marketing attribution analysis 2023
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Marketing attribution models

There are various approaches to marketing attribution, each revolving around different types of analytical models and approaches to weighting the various data points that influence customer behavior.

At a high level, these models can be divided into two categories.

1. 1. single-source models: simpler, focused on identifying the single touch point that has the most influence on conversion.

2. 2. the more complex multi-source model: evaluates the relative influence of multiple touchpoints.

Next, let’s look at the different attribution methods available in these categories.

marketing attribution analysis

Annotations do not provide the statistical value of a marketing evaluation program, but they can help you determine the potential impact of your actions. Annotations allow you to evaluate high and low traffic while tying events and activities together to understand why different potential customers take different actions. Additionally, Google Analytics is arguably the most used marketing platform. Adding automatic annotation of ad campaigns, holidays, and Google updates is critical to understanding peaks and valleys.

What is a touchpoint in marketing attribution?

A touchpoint is an event that moves a user or prospect toward an expected outcome (see Goals and Conversions). Here are the most typical touchpoints measured in a marketing organization.

Digital Touchpoints – measured in impressions and clicks

Paid search, also known as SEM or SEA
Organic search, also known as SEA
Paid Social
Organic Social
Email marketing, also known as EDM
Display advertising
Video Advertising
Direct Traffic

Offline touchpoints – measured using econometric models


CRM touchpoints (only where applicable)

Tradeshows and Events
Sales meetings



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