phone link for ios

phone link for ios
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phone link for ios Microsoft is bringing access to iMessage on Windows through its Phone Link app. A preview of the updated app will be available for Windows Insiders today. The Phone Link app allows iPhone users to connect their devices to a Windows laptop or PC and, with the update, will let iPhone users send and receive messages via iMessage, make and receive calls, and see their phone’s notifications inside Windows 11.

we share the next step on our journey to remove barriers for those of you who have iPhones with the introduction of Phone Link for iOS. With Phone Link for iOS you’ll never have to worry about missing that important call or text while you are concentrating on your Windows 11 PC.

We are beginning this preview with a small percentage of Insiders at first throughout this week, which means not all Insiders will see the preview right away. We will increase the availability of the preview to more Insiders over time and based on feedback we receive with this first set of Insiders. The preview will require Phone Link app version 1.23012.169.0 and higher but the preview itself be controlled via the cloud.

phone link for ios
phone link for ios


microsoft phone link iphone | phone link for ios

Phone Link for iOS uses Bluetooth to function, unlike Phone Link for Android which functions with a companion app that is installed directly onto the phone. For an iPhone, setting up Phone Link is as simple as connecting to your PC via Bluetooth and following the setup process in the Phone Link app.

“The preview will begin rolling out to Insiders who have opted in their device into one of the 3 Insider Channels via Settings > Windows Update > Windows Insider Program,” Microsoft Senior Program Manager Brandon LeBlanc said.

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Connect iPhone to Windows 11 using Phone Link

To connect your iPhone to your Windows 11 device through the Phone Link app, you need a computer enrolled in the Dev, Beta, or Release Preview Channel, and then use these steps :

Open Start on Windows 11.

Search for Phone Link and click the top result to open the app.

Click the iPhone button to launch the wizard to pair the mobile device (and ensure Bluetooth is turned on).

Scan the code on the screen to install the companion app on your iPhone with the steps to pair the mobile device.

On your phone, launch the app and confirm the linking code on your computer to complete the pairing.

Confirm the permissions to allow the Phone Link to interact with your iPhone.

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How to set up Phone Link for iOS

According to Microsoft, those users who do have access to the updated Phone Link app will see the option of connecting either an iPhone or an Android phone on the initial setup screen. You’ll then be asked to pair the two devices by scanning a QR code, as well as confirming that a numeric code sent to both devices matches up.

If you are an Insider who receives the preview of Phone Link for iOS, you will see the option to pick your iPhone on the Phone Link homepage.

After choosing iPhone, the guided installation will kick off to pair your iPhone. You will be directed to follow a set of steps that will guide you to pair your iPhone and PC over Bluetooth.

This will initiate after you scan a QR code shown on your screen, and then move on to the confirmation steps that helps us confirm the phone and PC are in range. During this step, you will be asked to confirm the code in Phone Link matches the code shown on your iPhone.

Once you complete pairing, you’ll be asked to grant a set of permissions that allow us to get all your favorite content sync’d over to Phone Link.


phone link for ios

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